1. Frigus Frigus EP

  2. The Sampler As A Time Machine REMIXED
    Lia Mice

  3. Black Cat EP
    Zillas on Acid

  4. The Light EP

  5. Optimo Music Digital Danceforce, Vol.1

  6. Bango EP
    Philipp Matalla

  7. Extreme Dance Anthems

  8. Tudo Faz Sentido (Brasingles vol. 4)

  9. Trespassers Unite EP

  10. Barracas Barrocas
    Fernando Falcão

  11. Flaming Creatures EP
    Sex Judas feat. Ricky

  12. Memória das Águas
    Fernando Falcão

  13. The Sellout EP
    Frank Rodas

  14. Fall Rise EP
    Phil Kieran & Douglas McCarthy

  15. Filhos De Gandhi (Brasingles vol. 3)
    Edson Conceição

  16. Novas Frequencias EP
    Auntie Flo

  17. Organza/Honey Comb EP

  18. Zeug EP
    MR TC

  19. Siri Will Rise EP
    Theus Mago

  20. Lost In Germany EP
    Fantastic Twins

  21. Poli-ritmo EP
    Internal N.Y. Rhythms

  22. Z Time EP
    Vanessa Worm

  23. Plugged In EP
    Brain Dancing

  24. Pull The Plug EP
    Joe Goddard

  25. Weaponise Your Sound
    weaponise your sound

  26. Works #1 EP
    Tamburi Neri

  27. Zerma Thurstra EP
    Al Jerry

  28. Rat Full Of Coins (Vol. 1) EP

  29. Heat EP

  30. Alteration EP

  31. The Sampler As A Time Machine
    Lia Mice

  32. Celine's Dilemma

  33. Just Can't Give It Up EP

  34. Fondofunk EP

  35. Different Voices For You. Different Colours For Me. Demos 1980
    Robert Rental

  36. Baianá (Brasingles vol. 2)

  37. Tchori Tchori (Brasingles vol. 1)
    Marlui Miranda

  38. The Sun Is High

  39. Go Down Judas
    Sex Judas feat. Ricky

  40. Majick!

  41. The Hare, The Moon, The Drone
    Jacob Yates

  42. Polyryhthmic
    Phil Kieran

  43. Changeless EP
    Ian Hicks

  44. In The Name Of The Mother
    Solitary Dancer

  45. Ruminant Violence
    Ted Milton & Blurt

  46. Dub Of Times
    The Golden Filter

  47. Enkuan EP

  48. End Of Times
    The Golden Filter

  49. Certainties EP
    Mathias Schober

  50. Brasileira Remixes
    Maria Rita Stumpf

  51. Obakodomo
    Fantastic Twins

  52. A Cold Cell In Bangkok

  53. Now & Then EP
    So Low

  54. Rejekto EP
    Robitiko Rejekto

  55. Brasileira
    Maria Rita

  56. Sonic Pressure EP
    Man Power

  57. Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony (Volumes IV - VI)
    Happy Meals

  58. Penelope One
    Penelope Trappes

  59. Plant Up
    Lo Kindre

  60. Miracle Steps (Music From The Fourth World 1983 - 2017)

  61. Acid Japan EP

  62. Still // Alone
    The Golden Filter

  63. Invito Alla Danza

  64. Baia Del Ritmo EP
    Boot & Tax

  65. Safari EP
    José Manuel

  66. Heaven
    Dennis Bovell

  67. Optimo Music Sampler 2016

  68. DRESS CODE (Don't Look At My Car)
    Peter Zummo

  69. Throw Down

  70. The Number 1 EP
    Pussy Mothers

  71. The First Night Of Your Life

  72. Surf and Destroy
    MR TC

  73. Several EP

  74. Subterrenus EP

  75. Glück Auf
    Fred und Luna

  76. Bali Ha'i

  77. M.S.P. EP
    Luke Solomon & Nick Maurer present Powerdance

  78. Warm Me Up
    Junto Club

  79. Things Fall Apart EP

  80. La Machina EP
    Fabrizio Rat

  81. Split EP

  82. Soundtrack For Strangers
    MR TC

  83. [Cease & Desist] DIY! (Cult Classics From The Post Punk Era 1978-1982)

  84. Heavy Bastard EP
    The Golden Filter/Morgan Hammer

  85. PSII03
    The Golden Filter

  86. Glasgow. London. New York. Edinburgh. EP

  87. Hadron Collider
    Rita Furstenhof

  88. Junto Club
    Junto Club

  89. Det Syke Vesen Som Kjeder Seg I Bunnen Av Mennesket
    Sex Judas

  90. Boot & Tax
    Boot & Tax

  91. Big Saints Reward EP
    Severed Heads

  92. Glympses
    Wick Blaze

  93. Stauner EP
    Alex Smoke

  94. Un.sub EP
    Mia Dora

  95. Drum Attack (Lost DJ Weapons From The 1990s) EP

  96. The Chance/No Difference
    Reel Houze

  97. Undigitize Me EP
    Crooked Man

  98. Like Cannibal Father, Like Cannibal Son
    Felizol & The Boy

  99. Sneaky EP
    Jasper James

  100. Scaled To Fit
    Shift Work

  101. Fusci EP
    Boot & Tax

  102. Tupolev Love EP
    Michele Mininni

  103. You’ve Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic)
    Fantastic Twins

  104. And It Was Good EP
    Luca Lozano

  105. Everything There Was Was There

  106. Limit Without Patience EP
    The Barking Dogs

  107. Acido EP
    Boot & Tax

  108. Amesville EP

  109. Re-Dscvrd EP

  110. Purple Maps EP

  111. Beachcombing
    Peter Gordon & Factory Floor

  112. Magnetic
    Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s

  113. Moonlight (Remixes)
    Chris Carter

  114. Sorrow Show
    Space System


Optimo Music Glasgow, UK

Optimo Music is a record label based in Glasgow, Scotland and run by Optimo's JD Twitch. This page includes releases from all Optimo Music affiliated sub-labels: Optimo Trax, So Low, Selva Discos and Against Fascism Trax.

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